myBase Screenshots

Main User Interface

myBase has an intuitive uncluttered user interface. All information is organized within the tree-structured outline form, just like the intuitive Windows Explorer. It is extremely easy to add your own info items as sibling or child items. myBase Desktop has the Multi-Document User Interface, so you can have multiple info items opened at a time, and can resize or re-arrange the MDI child window with ease.

  • Intuitive uncluttered user interface
  • More than one .nyf databases can be loaded at a time
  • Each .nyf database opens within its own DB Tab
  • Multi-Document and Multi-Window Graphic User Interface
  • More than one info items can be open at a time
  • Each info item opens its own child window
  • Both RTF text, webpages and graphics supported
  • Labeling Info Items with user-defined label names
  • Customizeable Tree Icons
  • Secured info items with passwords
  • URL Auto-Detection within the RTF editor

Re-arranging MDI Child Windows

The MDI user inteface is so powerful that you can have multiple documents (info items) open at a time. Within the outline tree view, right-click an info item and select the 'Open in new window' menu item, the info item will open in a new MDI child window. All the MDI child windows can be resized, rearranged and tiled horizontally or vertically. This way, you have the convenience of viewing any two or three or even more documents at a time, and refer from one to another document with ease.

WYSIWYG Html Editor Embedded

When a stored webpage is open within the embedded web browser, press F2, the webpage goes into the Edit mode, whereby you can make changes to the webpage without having to launch external web authoring tools.

Advanced search and Find As-you-type

myBase provides the index-based 'Find As-you-type' feature, which allows you to find a phrase instantly as you type it. Just press F3, then input a phrase to find, and the results instantly appear in a query results MDI child window. The 'Advanced search' utility provides some more options that can be combined into queries. Below is an illustration for the advanced search options.

Search with Regular Expression

In addition to the index-based search options, myBase provides the 'Search by Regular Expression' utility that scans either the whole database or only in current branch for a phrase or regular expression. This is implemented by a powerful plugin utility written in Javascript API.

Preview Text Editable

The text notes under selected info items can be formatted with paper layout settings and then printed out. Before printing on real printers, you can preview the layout on screen. And the formatted text in the preview window is also editable.

Undeleting Items and Files

myBase maintains the internal 'Recycle Bin' where trashed info items and files will go into. This way, you have the chance of retrieving any history revision of item notes.

Custom Tree Icons

myBase supports the custom tree icons, so you can insert your own 16x16 .bmp glyphs into your .nyf databases as custom icons, which can be then applied to any info items.

Sorting Child Info Items

You can choose to sort child info items by either item text or modified time. This way, you can have a sorted To-Do list with the latest items on top.

Adding Reminders

When linking an info item with a calendar date, a reminder can be set with it, myBase will remind you when it's due.

Making Standalone .Exe Databases

myBase provides the 'Export .exe database' utility which helps convert .nyf databases or export the current branch to a standalone .exe databases The generated .exe database runs on any 32-bit Windows without any setup. This way you have the convenience of distributing royalty-free standalone knowledge bases.

Backup Related Options

Several backup related options are provided, you have the convenience of scheduling the database backup task in the way you prefer.

Download for Free Trial

To download a 30-day free trial version, please visit our download site.