Legacy Version Downloads

On this webpage, you can download old versions of our software products if needed. Please note that some of the add-ons (e.g. WebCollect, GDS/CGI, etc.) may be incompatible with the latest major release.

Item/Name Version File Type File Size Action
myBase Desktop
for Win2K/XP/Vista/7/8 Ver 6.5.1 .exe setup 2.7MB Download
myBase Viewer
myBase Viewer for Win2K/XP/Vista/7/8 Ver 6.5.1 .zip pack 1.6MB Download
WebCollect Add-on for myBase 4/5/6.x
for MSIE (WinXP/Vista/7) Ver .exe setup 770KB Download
myBase CGI
for /cgi-bin/ on Windows/Linux/FreeBSD Ver 1.1 .zip pack 1.4MB Download
myBase Mobile
for Pocket PC 2002+ Ver 1.0b .cab pack 507KB Download
myBase GDS Plugin
for Google Desktop(WinXP/Vista/7) Ver 1.0b .zip pack 195KB Download
Data File Converters
KeyNote .knt To myBase .nyf Ver 1.0b .zip pack 144KB Download
TreePad .hjt To myBase .nyf Ver 1.0b .zip pack 153KB Download
ActionOutline .ao To myBase .nyf Ver 1.0b .zip pack 135KB Download
Free stuff
Wjjsoft Calculator for Windows Ver 1.0b .zip pack 65KB Download

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