myBase Desktop ChangeLog

Version 6.3.9

  1. Added: the History menu that lists out the most recently visited info items.
  2. Minor changes.

Version 6.3.8

  1. Fixed: a bug in the IFilter DLL module that may affect search results of stored webpages and misc. documents. In order to apply the improvements, please try to first upgrade the program, and then clear/rebuild index data by selecting the 'File - Maintenance - Clear Indexes/Update Indexes...' menu items.
  2. Improved: the 'File - New database' procedure that may cause confusion that seemed nowhere to find the newly created database file if in the case the filename is manually typed in without a target folder path, the new file actually goes into the currently working directory, i.e. the program's install folder. Now it does no longer allow you to manually type in the new database filename, you'll need to determine the filename by browsing the file system from on the common 'Save File' dialog box, this ensures that a qualified filename containing a full path is determined.
  3. Added: a new plugin 'File - Maintenance - Replicate from RTF to HTML' that helps replicate content from the current database to a new database with all default RTF notes converted into HTML formatting, to be compatible with the next major release, for better support of cross platform (Windows/Linux/MacOSX).
  4. Minor changes.

Version 6.3.7

  1. Fixed: a critical bug that affects opening MS-Word/Excel documents from within the attachment pane; The problem is that opening one or more Word/Excel attachments may cause the attachments to be accidentally trashed and disappear from in the attachment pane. The problem source is that myBase by design tries to keep communication with MS-Word/Excel process when it's launched, and test if the opened document has changed or the process has exited, then it can automatically update the attachment (if changed) within the database. However, communicating with MS-Word/Excel processes may fail when opening a document from within the attachment pane, as MS-Word/Excel always indicates its previous process (if any) to open a document, and exits itself immediately, this behaviour causes myBase to start in error to update the attachment that is still open/in use by another MS-Word/Excel process. In result, it fails to import the document into the database, with the original document already trashed, and you'd need to retrieve the trashed document by selecting the 'File - Maintenance - Undelete items...' menu item.
  2. Fixed: a bug in the 'Add attachments' procedure where last-modified time of the source files is not transmitted while inserting the files as attachments.

Version 6.3.6

  1. Fixed: a critical bug that affects users from the countries/areas using the Daylight Saving Time (DST). The problem is that any changes to RTF notes could not be saved into .nyf databases, due to the incorrect local time comparison between different revisions with the clock auto-adjustment for DST enabled.
  2. Fixed: a bug within the RTF2HTML conversion, the text attributes 'underline, color, etc.' weren't reset correctly for new paragraphs, these attributes may overflow and cover the rest of the text. This fix applies to several export-specific plugins that needs the RTF2HTML conversion, such as CHM, HTML, ePub, etc.
  3. Added: new plugins 'move attachment up/down', that can help move attachment files up or down within the list.
  4. Added: new plugins 'Insert horizontal rule', that inserts a horizontal rule into the RTF text.

Version 6.3.5

  1. Added: a new plugin 'Capture - Import MSWord outline', that imports MS-Word documents with the hierarchical outline items imported as info items within myBase.
  2. Fixed: a problem with the 'Find as you type' tool bar toggled off, it didn't show up automatically when pressing F3.
  3. Fixed: a problem within the 'Search with RegExp' utility, it may have problems searching within the last query results.
  4. Fixed: a bug within menu icons on Windows 7/8, it may cause a few bytes of memory leak.
  5. Fixed: a bug within shortcuts containing URLs in the previous revision, it won't open when double-clicking on the URLs from within the attachment pane.
  6. Fixed: a bug within the API function platform.convertRtfToHtml, it may fail to convert bitmaps in RTF if the destination directory contains any non-ASCII characters.
  7. Fixed: a bug within ssg3on5.dll updating files by the date-modified attribute of files, due to DST ignorance during the time conversion between Unix time and Windows FILETIME.
  8. Added: a new javascript API: plugin.browseLabelTree(); So custom scripts can display the label tree dialog box for checking/unchecking or editings of labels.
  9. Added: a feature of making bmp into jpg while converting RTF to HTML in the js api function 'platform.convertRtfToHtml()'.
  10. Added: the 'Export CHM project' utility attempts to automatically invoke HTML Help Workshop and compile the chm project, so long as HTML Help Workshop has been properly installed in its default location: "C:\Program Files\" in Windows XP or "C:\Program Files (x86)\" in Windows 7+.

Version 6.3.4

  1. Added: the 'Size' column in the query results window to display file size for notes and attachments.
  2. Added: the calendar date (if applicable) to file names while exporting files to a folder.
  3. Fixed: a bug in the 'Import directory tree' utility, it may fail to import files as hyperlinks.

Version 6.3.3

  1. Fixed: a bug in some cases it didn't update index data for all info items but only for the last root item/branch and in result the 'Advanced search' facility may run into glitch.

Version 6.3.2

  1. Added: the 'Hide on close' option that redefines the action of the main window's Close (X) button, it simply minimizes the main window when pressing the (X) button; This option works along with the 'Minimize to tray' option.
  2. Improved: the SSG-5 based .nyf database supports UTF-8 for more data structures, including item titles, notes, attachment filenames and database file names.
  3. Minor changes.

Version 6.3.1

  1. Improved: in order for ePub to work with Sony reader, the ePub maker strips font-family and font-size away from within the generated HTML content.
  2. Fixed: a bug in the backup process which may fail to create backup for those .nyf file names containing non-ASCII characters.
  3. Fixed: it may fail to export content to a new .nyf file with a name containing non-ASCII characters.
  4. Minor changes.

Version 6.3.0

  1. Added: a new plugin [Share - Export CHM project ...], which exports content and generate CHM project files, so you can compile the project files to CHM documentation by using the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.
  2. Added: a new plugin [File - Maintenance - Replicate database ...], which replicates content from the currently working database to another database file which is initialized with a specified storage version.
  3. Added: the Load-on-Access feature, which allows to delay-load info items and content. This way, databases can open up instantly within one or just a few seconds, unless you need to automatically create backups or simultaneously load a large number of info items when opening the database.
  4. Added: the 64-bit structured storage engine (SSG-5), which enables you to create large database files (>2GiB), and compress data on the fly while saving information into your database.
  5. Added: a dialog box for creating new databases, whereby you can choose the storage library from SSG-5 or SSG-3, compression level from 0 to 9, and set a password for database.
  6. Added: a command line (or shell command) tool for manipulating .nyf databases by Batch shell scripts. For details please refer to Wjjsoft Structured Storage Library (SSG-5).
  7. Added: a progress indicator to report import/export specific operations during dragging-and-dropping a large number of info items across different databases.
  8. Added: The viewer program is now shiped within the desktop package, so you don't need to manually download and copy it to the setup folder for creating the standalone .exe databases, and the 'Make exe database' dialog box has been simplified accordingly.
  9. Added: a new language file (rus.ini) for Russian. Thanks to Churakov Anton for contributing.
  10. Added: a new look of common controls on the user interface by enabling Windows 7 style.
  11. Added: a collection of 16x16 bitmaps that can be loaded as custom icons.
  12. Added: the 'sort by name' list style for the custom icons dialog box.
  13. Fixed: a bug in the 'Search with RegExp' plugin, it didn't search attachment file names.
  14. Fixed: a bug in calling the MFC/CFile member functions, it may fail to load large database file (>2GiB).
  15. Fixed: a bug in the 'Export Html Tree' plugin, which might cause filename conflicts resulting in files getting overwritten while exporting.
  16. Fixed: a bug in the query results that may list out those non-existent entries ever moved or deleted.
  17. Fixed: a bug in the 'move item left' facility which may cause the program to crash.
  18. Fixed: a bug in the ePub maker that didn't declare charset and language code for xHTML content.
  19. Fixed: a bug in the conversion of RTF table to HTML, that applies to several plugins: Export HTML, ePub, CHM and HTML Tree etc.
  20. Minor changes.

Version 6.2.0

  1. Added: a new plugin [Share - Export ePub digital book ...], which helps export contents in the current branch and generate .epub digital books.
  2. Fixed: a bug in the HtmlTree maker which caused the exported text not to wrap correctly;
  3. Minor changes.

Version 6.1.3

  1. Fixed: a problem with searching RTF notes/documents (a bug in the previous revision 6.1.2). It's recommended to clear and rebuild indexes for relevant databases to consolidate the search facility;
  2. Minor changes.

Version 6.1.2

  1. Fixed: Pressing the APP key didn't trigger the context menu within the outline tree view;
  2. Fixed: Images of saved webpages with filenames having blank spaces didn't show up within the embedded web browser;
  3. Fixed: The confirmation dialog box for label deletion didn't work;
  4. Fixed: The plain text imported as RTF notes (e.g. import directory tree) weren't indexed correctly;
  5. Fixed: A bug in the XML API;
  6. Fixed: Import OPML items incompletely;
  7. Fixed: Item links not working within the exported HTML tree;
  8. Added: Import journal items from a template;
  9. Minor changes.

Version 6.1.1

  1. Fixed: a bug in the RTF text filter, that may affect index data and search results, primarily for those text having the number/bullet style;
  2. Fixed: a bug in the RTF2HTML converter, that may cause the 'unknown error' message when certain malformed RTF text is encountered;
  3. Minor changes.

Version 6.1.0

  1. Added: the plugin: Sort child items by calendar date;
  2. Added: the plugin: Search local file system, which searches a specified directory tree for words or with RegExp; This utility parses documents and saves content in a Cache database, so later searches get faster;
  3. Added: the plugin: Compare any two disk folders, and report difference between the two folders; It doesn't run recursively into sub folders;
  4. Added: the plugin API: plugin.getCalendarAttr(), for plugins to retrieve calendar attributes of an info item;
  5. Fixed: The font size list not updated for HTML editing;
  6. Fixed: Tries to recreate the tray icon in the case that Windows Explorer crashed;
  7. Fixed: The attachment keeps its original filenames when it's open within an external application;
  8. Fixed: Find-as-you-type worked slowly when searching for words containing MBCS characters;
  9. Fixed: a bug in loading content from the malformed UCS2 text files;
  10. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.9

  1. Added: Export spider-like diagram (mindmap) and save in either of JPG/PNG/BMP formats.
  2. Added: Export info items and save as .mmap document.
  3. Added: Export info items and save as .opml document.
  4. Added: Import items from within .mmap document.
  5. Added: Import items from within .opml document.
  6. Added: Evaluate plugin script code from within the RTF editor, without having to save as a js plugin file.
  7. Added: JS API for manipulating XML/ZIP files.
  8. Added: JS API for canvas (Windows GDI).
  9. Added: JS API for images (CxImage).
  10. Fixed: a bug in the RTF file filter with RTF text copied from MSWord.
  11. Fixed: a bug in the JS API 'platform.setClipboardText' that didn't clear contents existing on clipboard.
  12. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.8

  1. Added: clipboard monitor for the convenience of capturing info from other programs.
  2. Added: syntax highlighting for T-SQL source code.
  3. Added: a plugin for auto-numbering info items within the outline tree.
  4. Added: pressing Tab to indent selected text within RTF editor, and Shift+Tab to dedent.
  5. Added: pressing Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move focus to the outline tree from within RTF editor.
  6. Fixed: a bug about focus losing while triggering info items by pressing Up/Down keys.
  7. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.7

  1. Added: Organize - Batch redirect shortcuts, which helps update file paths for shortcuts when files are moved.
  2. Added: Edit - Syntax highlight, which helps highlight source code snippets by syntax in C/C++/STL/Java/C#/Javascript.
  3. Added: an option that allows to minimize to system tray as an icon.
  4. Added: new js APIs to implement some more plugin programs.
  5. Fixed: a bug about the AtlGr key combinations not working with the French keyboard layout.
  6. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.6

  1. Fixed: sorting query results by calendar date not working.
  2. Fixed: remove the limit of text length for find-as-type.
  3. Fixed: bookmarks/labels not updated when they're modified with multiple databases opened.
  4. Fixed: images linked within CSS not displayed on stored webpages.
  5. Fixed: outline/calendar/label view not updated when modified within the query results windows.
  6. Fixed: a bug in 'search by regexp' within last query results.
  7. Added: several APIs for creating item links.
  8. Added: display statistics for current branch.
  9. Added: list all related info items.
  10. Added: list recently modified entries.
  11. Added: export foldable html tree.
  12. Added: the 'Search' popup on the main menu bar, whereby all search relevent utilities will go there.
  13. Locale: added some more message lines in the language .ini files.
  14. Fixed: a few bugs in the webcollect addon for IE/Firefox/Chrome.
  15. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.5

  1. Fixed: turned on the IE Offline browsing mode.
  2. Fixed: a bug in sorting attachments by the File-type column.
  3. Fixed: a bug viewing some of stored webpages containing images.
  4. Fixed: the 'runtime error' importing certain .html files as child items.
  5. Added: an option ignoring documents by extension names during indexing/parsing. It needs to edit the nyfedit.ini file at this line: FileTypes.Parse.Ignore=
  6. Added: the options: search titles, RTF notes, attachments on the 'Advanced search' dialog box.
  7. Added: the 'prompt' tab on the options dialog box;
  8. Improved: the index data for more accuracy on search results; This version keeps index data for item titls, RTF notes and attachments separately, so the Query Results list displays correct occurrences matching the query. Note that you'll need to first clear and then re-build index data by selecting the 'File - Maintenance - Clear/Update index' menu item to see the improvements.
  9. Locale: added some more message lines in the language .ini files.
  10. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.4

  1. Fixed: a performance issue in the rtf.dll file filter, which may slow down the performance on indexing and searching.
  2. Fixed: a bug in RTF to HTML parser within the nyfjs.dll module, which may cause problems on exporting images in RTF.
  3. Locale: have some more message text addressed within the language files.
  4. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.3

  1. Fixed: a bug in saving and restoring the attachment pane size.
  2. Enhanced: an option to export custom icons into a specified folder.
  3. Enhanced: in order to expand/collapse the whole outline tree, hold down the CTRL key while selecting the 'Expand/collapse' menu item.
  4. Enhanced: comment text of a shortcut will be displayed as well as its source path.
  5. Enhanced: clicking a 'virtual/symbolic' item displays its real content, by default, without forcedly jumping to the real item.
  6. Enhanced: the 'Import text by delimiter' plugin recognizes the '\n' as a delimiter, for importing each line of a text file as a child item.
  7. Enhanced: a progress indicator during the deep scan for non-ASCII text.
  8. Enhanced: boolean search (AND, OR, NOT) supported in the 'Advanced search' utility.
  9. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.2

  1. Fixed: a bug in bookmark locating.
  2. Fixed: a bug in the rtf-to-text parser, which applies to search, word count, index, etc.
  3. Fixed: a bug in the toolbar, size corruption on the WM_SETTINGCHANGE message.
  4. Fixed: a bug that may crash the program on loading databases containing very long item titles.
  5. Fixed: comments on attachment not indexed
  6. Added: an INI entry to save the specified path to nyfview.exe for creating .exe database.
  7. Added: the dropdown list on toolbar, listing the Go back/forward history entries.
  8. Added: the 'Organize' menu onto the main menu, as many users can't find the 'Sort child items' utility, which is also located in the 'Outline' action menu.
  9. Added: Alt-Drag to create symbolic links.
  10. Added: the ability to index shortcut files
  11. Added: the 'Arrange child windows on running queries' option: Tile vertically/horizontally and Cascade
  12. Added: an option to scan titles only within the 'Search by RegExp' plugin.
  13. Improved: auto-select the item-link tab when an item link is created.
  14. Improved: auto-select the attachment tab when an attachment is added.
  15. Improved: auto-open the relation pane when info item is linked.
  16. Improved: auto-switch the relation tabs to show existing links/labels.
  17. Improved: performance on searching for western words in ASCII.
  18. Improved: the [Export html document] utility, RTF to HTML conversion added.
  19. Improved: Force to update search results when running same queries again, to reflect if any changes since the last query.
  20. New plugin: [Link calendar by parsing date]: Create links with calendar date by parsing date strings written in titles.
  21. New plugin: [Create labels by custom icons]: Create labels by custom icons applied to info items, and apply the labels accordingly.
  22. New plugin: [Import MSIE bookmarks]: Import URLs from within MSIE favorites folder and save as hyperlinks in RTF notes.
  23. New plugin: [Search by icons]: list info items having a specified custom icon.
  24. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.1

  1. Fixed: a bug in UTF-8 decoding for Russian characters.
  2. Fixed: the label references not updated its list after the label is deleted.
  3. Fixed: a bug in moving label items which causes double results displayed.
  4. Fixed: the attachment list not updated after inserting attachments.
  5. Fixed: a bug in weekly/monthly due items which causes excessive alarms.
  6. Added: the 'Options - Edit - Distance of tab stops' setting.
  7. Added: the [View - Show/hide status bar] menu item
  8. New plugin: [Oraganize - Set for today]: Make info item linked with the current calendar date. So you can one-click or press Ctrl+Alt+F8 to add a datestamp to title.
  9. New plugin: [Oraganize - Add to found list]: Add info item to found list whereby you can multi-select to drag-drop/move/delete/etc.
  10. Minor changes.

Version 6.0.0

The first official release of myBase Desktop 6.
  1. UTF-8 encoding for full unicode support
  2. Multilingual user interface, language INI files and translations included
  3. A new look of the user interface, a vertical tab control and a horizontal tab control added
  4. A tab control added into the nagivation pane for items, labels, calendar, bookmarks etc.
  5. A tab control added into the attachment pane to show details of relation between items.
  6. Options turning toolbar bands On/Off and customizing button glyphs by .bmp files
  7. Unlimited and tree structured label tree for categorizing info items in more dimensions
  8. Linking info items with calendar and set reminders
  9. A header bar added into the content view to show attributes of items
  10. Inserting hyperlinks to local files within RTF notes;
  11. Inserting hyperlinks to bookmarks within RTF notes;
  12. Ability to copy/paste (drag-drop) info items/attachments into RTF as hyperlinks
  13. Ability to copy/paste (drag-drop) info items/attachments from/to Windows Folders
  14. Moving info items up/down/left/right
  15. Moving labels items up/down/left/right
  16. Handy 'wordwrap' tool button
  17. Right clicking info items and open in new window
  18. Inserting .bmp/.jpg/.gif images into RTF notes
  19. Improved relative path
  20. Search multi-dbs with labels, and/or by calendar date, etc.
  21. Search by regular expression (implemented as a .js plugin)
  22. Integrating javascript plugins into the main menu, like that C/C++ plugins do
  23. Multilingual support for javsscript plugins
  24. Import data from various sources, e.g. MSOutlook, MSWord, folders and files in directory tree ...
  25. Export data into various formats, e.g. MSWord outline, MSExcel, text/html documents, html tree, directory tree ...
  26. Some new javascript APIs implemented, such as XMLHttpRequest, localStorage, CAppWord, CAppExcel, CAppOutlook etc.
  27. More utilities: calculate expressions, word count, sort text lines, remove spaces, import web file by URL ...
  28. And more ...