myBase Desktop 7.x ChangeLog

Version 7.0.0 Beta-20 (under development)

  1. Plugin: Syntax highlight for source code (C/C++, Javascript, Java, C#, PHP, SQL, Perl, VB, Delphi, Ruby, GO, R, Python, Bash, Objective C, Swift, etc.)
  2. Plugin: Insert quick text from a list of user-defined *.q.txt files
  3. Plugin: Set background color of selected cells in HTML table
  4. Plugin: Resize HTML table
  5. Plugin: Resize selected columns within HTML tables
  6. Plugin: Import MS-Outlook items
  7. Plugin: Edit data fields [key=value] within a fillable form
  8. Plugin: Export data records to CSV file
  9. Plugin: Recover database
  10. Plugin: Custom table style for sophisticated (IT) users to edit CSS properties for the current table with in a fillable form
  11. Plugin: Add comments on the currently selected HTML content (paragraphs)
  12. Plugin: Export spider diagram
  13. Enhancement: enables item HTML content to embed (link) local images stored in the database folder
  14. Enhancement: enables the plugin 'Edit plain text' to work with .md documents
  15. Enhancement: auto-load preferred markdown content (md attachments) if any existing in an info item
  16. Enhancement: auto-load preferred source code (c/cpp/h/java/js/py/mm... attachments) if any existing in an info item, with source code syntax-highlighted
  17. Enhancement: auto-load image gallery for info items that only contain image (jpg/png/gif/bmp) attachments
  18. Enhancement: attempts to download linked images via http when copying HTML content from web browsers
  19. Enhancement: refactor most of existing js plugins with the new JSAPI input() function for better usability
  20. Enhancement: more HTML table editings (table/columns resizing, background color, and custom style)
  21. Enhancement: define bookmarks for paragraphs inside HTML content
  22. Enhancement: more features with the Reminder window
  23. Enhancement: click column headers to sort plugin items
  24. Enhancement: check/uncheck individual text attributes on defining stylesheets
  25. Improvement: better performance with inserting plain text into HTML content
  26. Improvement: better performance with listing labelled info items
  27. JSAPI: added a new parameter into plugin.setTextContent(), for loading HTML content or non-HTML content to be rendered and displayed in the HTML editor
  28. JSAPI: added a new function plugin.setDomReadonly(), for toggling the readonly or editable flag within the HTML editor
  29. JSAPI: changes to the API function plugin.getSelectedAttachments(), for consistency with the new API Specs.
  30. JSAPI: added a new function input(), for displaying multiple input fields in a popup window
  31. JSAPI: added the CAppWord class and relevant member functions, for data exchange with MS-Word via OLE-Automation
  32. JSAPI: added the CAppOutlook class and relevant member functions, for data exchange with MS-Outlook via OLE-Automation
  33. JSAPI: added the CByteArray class, for maniplulating a series of bytes within an Array
  34. Bugfix: the outline pane may not show up if the pane was kept hidden at last exit
  35. Bugfix: the 'Replace text' utility not working in the HTML editor
  36. Added the 'List unlabelled info items' utility
  37. Added a few pre-defined stylesheet items
  38. Added the dialog box for inserting custom HTML table
  39. Added the 'Open default content' and 'Auto-select to open' tool button on the content header bar
  40. Added the 'Custom styles' for individual info items to be highlighted in different font name/size/styles/colors
  41. Added the 'Delete' button in the 'Attachment - Open with' dialog box
  42. Added the 'Show lines' option for the Outline tree view
  43. Added the 'Find/Replace' function in the 'Edit plain text' and 'Edit Html source' plugins
  44. Added the 'Font size' option in the 'Edit plain text' and 'Edit Html source' plugins
  45. Added the 'Bookmark' button in the 'Edit hyperlink' dialog box
  46. Added the 'Line spacing' option for default HTML formatting
  47. Added the 'Including trashed entries' option for replicating .nyf database
  48. Added the 'Markdown' option in the [Attachments - New attachment] menu

Version 7.0.0 Beta-19

  1. Tool button: 'Insert hyperlink ...'
  2. Tool button: 'Insert attachment link ...', with multi-selection enabled
  3. Allow to copy/paste cells/rows/tables from MS-Excel
  4. Auto-import linked images (if any) when copying HTML contents from MS-Word
  5. Bugfix: ignore duplicate image links when copying online HTML contents
  6. Bugfix: backslashes not working when copying HTML content
  7. Bugfix: hyperlinks to local files (e.g. file:///d:/dir/...) may not work
  8. Bugfix: custom icons' label text not replicated while replicating database
  9. JSAPI bindings for MS-Word (Windows)
  10. Plugin: Export MS-Word outline (Windows)
  11. Plugin: Import MS-Word outline (Windows)
  12. Bugfix: a bug in the HTML document parser with self-closing <img /> HTML elements may cause the program to crash during indexing/searching
  13. Bugfix: custom text styles (bold/italic/underline) not working for new item content
  14. Show item titles on the status-bar during indexing
  15. Workaround: within the inbuilt HTML editor, Text Input Method not working well on dark backgrounds (HSV:V<128)
  16. Added the Capture/Share menus; The Capture menu contains 'Import ...' specific utilities, while the Share menu contains 'Export ...' specific utilities
  17. Plugin: Tools - Reveal internal data, which allows to view and modify internal data files; Do not modify internal data files by hand unless you have to fix broken links
  18. Enabled clipboard monitor to download linked images when copying web contents from web browsers or MS-Word
  19. Enabled clipboard monitor to copy contents from MS-Word/Excel including tables/cells/images
  20. Added the Paragraph menu, which contains the paragraph specific formatting utilities
  21. Added: Paragraph - Single line spacing, One and half line spacing and Double line spacing
  22. Bugfix: line-spacing not working well with multiple paragraphs selected

Version 7.0.0 Beta-18

  1. WebCollect addon for Mozilla Firefox (Windows)
  2. WebCollect addon for Google Chrome (Windows)
  3. Context menu: Copy image
  4. Context menu: Copy image URL
  5. Context menu: Save image as
  6. Context menu: Resize image
  7. Context menu: Rotate image
  8. Auto-download linked images (if any) when copying HTML content from web browsers
  9. Auto-grab linked images (if any) when copying HTML content from MSWord
  10. Drag-drop embedded images into the attachment list to save the image data as attachments
  11. Drag-drop attached png/jpg/gif/bmp files into HTML editor to insert the images into HTML content
  12. Drag-drop non-graphic attachments into HTML editor to insert hyperlinks
  13. Drag-drop info items into HTML editor to make hyperlinks; The CTRL key modifier is needed to be held down while dragging info items into current item content
  14. Support of hyperlinks to attachments stored in either current or any other info items; Clicking on a hyperlink triggers the linked attachment to be open externally with the associated program
  15. Edit - Text Utilities: Make selected text fields into HTML table
  16. Edit - Text Utilities: Make selected text upper/lower case
  17. Edit - Text Utilities: Sort selected text lines
  18. Edit - Text Utilities: Remove unwanted spaces from selected text
  19. Customizable zoom level for tool buttons, so it can work with high resolution monitors
  20. Display a lighter text in database Tabs with unified title bar on Mac
  21. Substituted inbuilt file parser for external txt/htm DLLs to parse text/html content during indexing and searching
  22. Added the monthly calendar view
  23. Drag-drop .nyf file into main window to be open as database
  24. Syntax highlighter for html source
  25. Save and restore toolbar position
  26. ...