myBase Desktop v7.x ChangeLog

Version 7.0.0 Beta-18

  1. WebCollect addon for Mozilla Firefox
  2. WebCollect addon for Google Chrome
  3. Context menu: Copy image
  4. Context menu: Copy image URL
  5. Context menu: Save image as
  6. Context menu: Resize image
  7. Context menu: Rotate image
  8. Auto-download linked images (if any) when copying HTML content from web browsers
  9. Auto-grab linked images (if any) when copying HTML content from MSWord
  10. Drag-drop embedded images into the attachment list to save the image data as attachments
  11. Drag-drop attached png/jpg/gif/bmp files into HTML editor to insert the images into HTML content
  12. Drag-drop non-graphic attachments into HTML editor to insert hyperlinks
  13. Drag-drop info items into HTML editor to make hyperlinks; The CTRL key modifier is needed to be held down while dragging info items into current item content
  14. Support of hyperlinks to attachments stored in either current or any other info items; Clicking on a hyperlink triggers the linked attachment to be open externally with the associated program
  15. Edit - Text Utilities: Make selected text fields into HTML table
  16. Edit - Text Utilities: Make selected text upper/lower case
  17. Edit - Text Utilities: Sort selected text lines
  18. Edit - Text Utilities: Remove unwanted spaces from selected text
  19. Customizable zoom level for tool buttons, so it can work with high resolution monitors
  20. Display a lighter text in database Tabs with unified title bar on Mac
  21. Substituted inbuilt file parser for external txt/htm DLLs to parse text/html content during indexing and searching
  22. Added the monthly calendar view
  23. Drag-drop .nyf file into main window to be open as database
  24. Syntax highlighter for html source
  25. Save and restore toolbar position
  26. ...