myBase - Save and Organize All of Your Information In One Place

Introducing myBase

myBase is a powerful yet easy-to-use knowledge management software that allows entry of unstructured text, webpages, images, documents, emails and even arbitrary files without regard to length or format. All information is automatically compressed and stored in the tree structured outline form. Unlike traditional database programs, myBase accepts text input like a word processor, and provides better methods for capturing, editing, organizing, retrieving, searching and sharing information.


  • Creating personal or corporate full-text searchable knowledge base or research database containing text, graphics, webpages and documents;
  • Organizing a large and growing collection of notes and documents in one place with ease;
  • Managing product/project/customer information database
  • Distributing royalty-free standalone .exe knowledge bases
  • Writting books in the tree outline form much more efficiently than a standard Word Processor;
  • Securely managing random bits of personal information in your own way;
  • Creating standalone .exe database running on Windows without preceding setup;
  • Capturing information from within a variety of data sources, (e.g. webpages, documents, images, clipboard, etc.);
  • Sharing information in a variety of file formats, (e.g. RTF, HTML, EPUB, MMAP, CHM, EXE, XLS, DOC, etc.);
  • The versatile program with many typical usage: Diary keeper, Todo list, Address book, Documentation/Presentation/Outlining tool, URL/File organizer, RTF editor, Notes manager, eBook maker, .Exe database creator;
  • And much more ...

System Requirements

To run myBase Desktop, you will need a Pentium 100 PC or higher, 128MB RAM or more. The operating system should be Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista or Windows 7/8.


myBase Desktop provides the powerful Multiple Document Interface (MDI), which allows multiple databases and multiple child windows to open simultaneously. Below is a snapshot of the program's main window while running; Click here to see more screenshots

Logic Structure of myBase .Nyf Databases

The hierarchy chart below tries to illustrate how information is stored and structured within myBase. It accepts umlimited levels of the nested tree items.

File system (on hard disk)
+--myBase databases (*.nyf files)
+--Info items (hierarchical outline, tree structured)
+--Virtual items (referring to other items)
+--Real items (containing actual data)
+--Rich text note (*.rtf)
+--Web content (*.html)
+--Attachments (*.*)
+--Images (*.jpg/gif/bmp/png)
+--Documents (*.doc/xls/ppt/pdf)
+--Shortcuts (linking to external files)
+--Related items
+--Applied labels (tags, categories)
+--Label items (tree structured, unlimited)
+--Label 1 (labelled items...)
+--Label 2 (labelled items...)
+--Label 3 (labelled items...)
+--More ...
+--Custom icons (associated with info items)
+--Bookmarks (linking to paragraphs inside RTF notes)
+--Calendar (associated with info items)

Key Features

myBase Desktop is a feature-rich and powerful knowledge management software for storing and managing a large number of unstructured information, such as webpages, images, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and any kind of arbitrary files. Below is a simple list of key features that myBase Desktop provides.

  1. Well thoughtout MDI user interface (See screenshots)
  2. Organizing info items in the tree-structured outline form
  3. Categorizing info items with hierarchical labels
  4. UNICODE (UTF-8) support for multilingual content
  5. Built on Wjjsoft Structured Storage Library (available for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD/MacOSX/PocketPC)
  6. Fast load speed, fast access, with low RAM requirements
  7. Large file support ( >2GB, up to 8EiB )
  8. Data compression ( by Zlib )
  9. Data encryption
  10. Optimization for file size
  11. Password-protection
  12. Attachment storage
  13. Rich text editing in RTF/HTML (WYSIWYG) and Web content viewing inplace
  14. Recycle bin support
  15. Undeletion of info items and attachments
  16. Revision history for RTF notes
  17. Webpage/snippets capturing and saving
  18. Item links, hyperlinks, symbolic links and file shortcuts
  19. Customizable icons for visualizing info items
  20. Customizable label tree for categorizing info items
  21. Auto-save and auto-backup
  22. Rtf notes print and preview
  23. Drag-and-drop and cut-copy-paste
  24. Comprehensive import and export specific utilities
  25. Fast indexing engine and quick search, find as you type
  26. Compatible with Google Desktop Search
  27. Standalone database viewer
  28. Standalone .exe database creator
  29. HTML tree generator
  30. ePub/CHM/EXE e-book maker
  31. MSWord outline generator
  32. Mindmap spider-like diagram generator
  33. Lite version for Pocket PC
  34. CGI for publishing content on the web
  35. Importing data from a variety of sources
  36. Exporting data in a variety of file formats
  37. Javascript APIs for extending functionality
  38. And more ...

Plugin Utilities

myBase Desktop has implemented tens of plugin utilities listed below:

  1. Capture -> Import directory tree as hyperlinks or attachments
  2. Capture -> Import files as child items, Text to notes, else to attachemts, each file creates a child item
  3. Capture -> Import MS Word documents as child items
  4. Capture -> Import MS Outlook items
  5. Capture -> Import Mind Map items
  6. Capture -> Import OPML items
  7. Capture -> Import text file by a delimiter, each division creates a child item
  8. Capture -> Import selected items from within MS Outlook
  9. Capture -> Import text from within template files
  10. Capture -> Import info items from within another .nyf database
  11. Capture -> Import web files by URL
  12. Share -> Export info branch and map as a disk directory tree
  13. Share -> Export all text notes and attachments to a specified directory
  14. Share -> Export text notes to a file with text delimited
  15. Share -> Export data records to MS Excel
  16. Share -> Export text notes to a single HTML document
  17. Share -> Export selected text as templates
  18. Share -> Export MS Word outline
  19. Share -> Export Email addresses
  20. Share -> Export HTML Tree
  21. Share -> Export .exe database
  22. Share -> Export Spider-like Diagrams (mindmap)
  23. Share -> Export .mmap documents
  24. Share -> Export .opml documents
  25. Share -> Export .epub digital books
  26. Share -> Export CHM project
  27. Share -> Export info items to another .nyf database
  28. Edit -> Sort selected lines by alphabet
  29. Edit -> Check spelling with MS Word
  30. Edit -> Remove Unwanted Returns/Spaces
  31. Edit -> Batch Format Notes in Branch
  32. Edit -> Batch Replace Text in Branch
  33. Edit -> Calculate Expressions
  34. Edit -> Make Selection Uppercase/Lowercase
  35. Edit -> Syntax highlight for C/C++/STL/C#/JS/SQL source code
  36. Plugins -> Items for today
  37. Plugins -> Items for next week
  38. Plugins -> Word count
  39. Plugins -> Search by Regular Expression
  40. And more ...

How myBase Helps

If you have any of these questions on getting things done, myBase can help.

  • How can I organize a large and growing collection of notes and documents in my research work?
  • How can I securely manage random bits of personal information in my own way?
  • How can I capture webpages including original URLs and organize them with ease?
  • How can I effortlessly create a personal or corporate full-text searchable knowledge base?
  • How can I distribute royalty-free standalone Knowledge Bases and view them without any preceding setup?
  • How can I write a book in the tree outline form much more efficiently than a standard Word Processor?
  • How can I publish information in the HTML tree form on the web?
  • How can I build a full-text searchable research database containing a number of webpages and documents?

myBase is a 'swiss-army-knife' database program that can help. It's fast, powerful yet easy to use ... With myBase, creating your own full-text searchable databases and getting organized has never been easier. No programming skills required!

What You Get

With myBase and a set of plugins and addon programs, you get:

  1. Notes Manager
  2. Knowledge Base Software
  3. Research Database Software
  4. Project Management Tool
  5. Customer Data Management Tool
  6. Personal Information Organizer (PIM)
  7. Mind Manager
  8. Book Writing Tool, ePub e-Book Maker
  9. Standalone Exe Database Maker
  10. To-Do List
  11. Address Book
  12. Diary Keeper
  13. Documentation Tool
  14. Presentation Tool
  15. Outlining Tool, MSWord Outline Maker
  16. HTML Tree Maker
  17. Mindmap Spider-like Diagram Maker
  18. Webpage Capturing Tool
  19. Photo Album Software
  20. URL Organizer, File Organizer
  21. Rich Text Editor, Word Processor
  22. CD-ROM Offline Indexing Tool
  23. and more ...

All this are in a footprint of less than 10MB on your hard disk.

Addon/Plugin Programs

WebCollect addon for IE/Firefox/Chrome

The WebCollect addon adds the convenience of capturing webpages (including graphics) or snippets directly from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browser and saving into myBase databases without having to first save html/mht files and then insert them manually. The usage is very simple, just right-click on a webpage and select the 'Save with myBase' menu item. Very useful!

WebCollect addon is currently available in three editions, respectively for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+, Mozilla Firefox 2+ and Google Chrome. The IE version works with Internet Explorer on Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/2003/Vista/7, the Firefox version works with Mozilla Firefox on Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/2003/Vista/7, and the Chrome version works with Google Chrome on Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista/7. [ See demo ] [ Download ]

myBase Viewer and Exe Database Creator

myBase Viewer is an addon utility that allows you to view myBase freeform databases (.nyf files), and convert .nyf into standalone .exe databases, so you can distribute knowledge bases or e-books in either .nyf or .exe form. The generated .exe databases run on 32-bit Windows without having to first install the viewer and myBase. [ Download ] [ More info ]

HTML Tree Generator

The HtmlTree plugin exports .nyf databases to a set of webpages with a outline tree. The generated html tree can be published on the web for sharing information with friends or co-workers. [ More info ]

ePub e-Book Maker

This utility helps export contents in the current branch and generate ePub digital books, which can be then transferred to iOS/Android devices (e.g. iPhone/iPad/Samsung) for viewing. Each info item in the branch creates a chapter in the .ePub e-book. [ More info ]

MSWord Outline Creator

This plugin transfers content of .nyf databases to MS-Word and save in the outline view by utilizing OLE-Automation. It's very useful for writters to export content and automatically create the hierarchical outline within MSWord. [ More info ]

Spider Diagram Creator

This plugin helps export the outline items and generate mindmap spider-like diagrams with a few clicks. [ More info ]

Export CHM project

The 'Share - Export CHM project' plugin helps export content in the currently working database as HTML content, and generate the CHM project files which can then be compiled into CHM e-books by utilizing Microsoft HTML Help Workshop. [ More info ]

Syntax Highlighting for Source Code

This plugin helps highlight source code snippets stored within myBase. It's a useful tool for programmers. Programming languages supported for now includes C/C++/STL/Java/C#/JS/SQL/PHP/Google-GO/GNU-R/VB. [ More info ]

myBase CGI ( for IIS/Apache, Windows/Linux/FreeBSD )

myBase CGI is an addon utility which makes possibilities of publishing myBase .nyf databases via any cgi-bin enabled websites, and viewing content of the databases by using a modern web browser. This addon doesn't run in the standalone mode on your desktop computer, but requires to work with a CGI-supported web server, such as Microsoft IIS, Apache etc. Those of web hosting plans including the 'cgi-bin' feature would match the requirements running this CGI program. That's to say, if you have a webhosting with the 'cgi-bin' support, you may have the convenience of publishing your .nyf databases by simply uploading them onto the CGI space of the website, and your audience will have the convenience of viewing the databases by using a modern web browser. [ Download ]

myBase Mobile for Pocket PC

myBase Mobile is a lite version of myBase Desktop, and is currently available for Pocket PC that runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2002+. It helps you take notes and organize information in the intuitive tree outline form on Pocket PCs.

Currently myBase Mobile has just implemented a subset of features that myBase Desktop offers, you'll not expect the full features as provided in myBase Desktop, myBase Mobile works in a much simpler 'Tree + Edit' mode without MDI frames. [ Download ]

myBase GDS plugin ( for Google Desktop Search )

myBase GDS Plugin works with Google Desktop Search, and makes myBase .nyf files indexable by Google Desktop Search. myBase GDS Plugin is invoked by GDS crawler to handle .nyf files in background. When this occurs, myBase GDS plugin is invoked to extract text from within the supplied .nyf files and then transfer the resulting text back to GDS for indexing. [ Download ]

Export myBase .Nyf Files to InnoKB Databases

The Nyf2InnoKB addon is a file converter that helps convert myBase .nyf files into InnoKB 2.x compatible databases. Info items, tree structure, symbolic links, item links, and labels etc. are converted, and the index data file is also generated and ready to use with InnoKB server. With this utility, migrating databases from myBase into InnoKB gets much easier. As myBase Desktop has already implemented a set of data importing/exporting utilities, myBase Desktop can be a great helper program for InnoKB with capturing information from a variety of data sources, [ More info ] [ Download ]

Import data from competitors (KeyNote, TreePad, ActionOutline)

There're some more file converters that help convert KeyNote (.knt), TreePad (.hjt) and ActionOutline (.ao) files into myBase .nyf databases with a few clicks. [ Download ]

Plugin API

myBase software is built on the cross-platform free-form database engine (SSG), and provides a set of API for developing plugin and addon programs. myBase exposes its API in both C/C++ and JavaScript programming language. However, the C++ API is complicated and obsolete. For now, Javascript API is recommended for third-party developers to write plugins. If you have interests in writting plugins, please read the Javascript API Reference.

Download for Free Trial

To download a 30-day free trial version of myBase and addon programs, please visit our download site.