Mybase Server Edition for Linux/macOS/Windows

Introducing Mybase Server

Mybase is an intuitive knowledge base management software that allows entry of unstructured text, webpages, images, documents, emails and even arbitrary files without regard to length or format. Unlike traditional database systems, Mybase accepts text input like a word processor, all information is compressed with an integrated zip utility and stored in the tree structured outline form.

Mybase is now available in two editions, the desktop edition and the server edition. The desktop edition is aimed to provide tools of efficiency and versatility for increasing personal productivity significantly, while the server edition enables databases multi-user collaborative and accessible to co-workers over network by using a modern web browser at the client side.

Mybase Server is a standalone server program running on Linux/macOS/Windows systems without complicated configurations, and a modern web browser (e.g. Chrome/FireFox/Safari/Edge) is used at client side to access databases centralized on the server with no additional software tools required.

Benefits & Advantages

With the server edition, you can:

  • Set up a web-based knowledge base management system on desktop computers or dedicated servers without complicated configurations.
  • Run a knowledge base securely either in your localhost, private network or via VPN/Stunnel/ProxyPass over public network.
  • Have databases centralized on the server computer and accessible to co-workers who have been granted access privileges.
  • Control access privileges on databases separately for different user groups individually.
  • Migrate existing .nyf databases to the server edition, no file format conversion required.
  • Manage, edit and view existing databases via the web-based user interface by using PCs, xPads or mobile phones.
  • Use the intuitive user interface that is fully web-based yet similar to the desktop edition with multilingual support and customizable UI themes, no steep learning curve.
  • Take benefits and advantages of the cross-platform application and the common web platform.

System Requirements

To run Mybase Server 8.x, a desktop computer or dedicated server including VPS/NAS running Linux_amd64, macOS 10.14+ or Windows 7+ (x64) is required.

At the cliense side, no additional software but a modern web browser (e.g. the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) is required. Most out of the box desktop computers, xPads or mobile phones would have a modern web browser shipped within and meet the requirement.

Key Features

Here's a simple list of key features Mybase Server currently supports;

  1. Cross-platform server program running on Linux/macOS/Windows
  2. Easy setup and deployment with no complicated configurations at server side
  3. Intuitive web-based user interface with no additional deployment required at client side
  4. Multilingual UI support
  5. Customizable UI themes
  6. Data compression ( powered by Zlib )
  7. Organizing info items in the tree-structured outline form
  8. Categorizing info items with hierarchical labels/tags
  9. Attachments support
  10. HTML Text formatting/editing
  11. Markdown support ( powered by Marked )
  12. MathJax support ( powered by MathJax ) for Markdown
  13. Katex support ( powered by Katex ) for Markdown
  14. Source code syntax-highlighting ( powered by highlight.js )
  15. Capturing web contents with WebCollect
  16. Item links and hyperlinks
  17. Auto-save and auto-index
  18. Search by keywords or with labels
  19. Configurable privilege schemes on user groups and databases
  20. Inbuilt IP address filtering like firewall
  21. Support of reverse proxy-pass for HTTPS with secure connections and data security
  22. Support of anonymous access
  23. And more ...


To download the evaluation version of Mybase Server for a trial, please click the below links applicable to your server computer's OS platform.

Linux (amd64) | macOS 10.14+ | Windows 7+ (x64)